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How to ride a lift by bike

In Vallåsen Bike Park, you can choose whether you want to step on or take the lift. Have you not ridden a lift with your bike before? Watch the video below, and of course we will help you on the spot!

To ride a lift by bike


1. One to two bicycles per seat -1 on each side.
2. Wait for the green light.
Get on at the markings on the ramp - keep the bike on the outside of the ramp.
4. Hang the front edge of the saddle on the hook. Feel free to keep the bike.
5. Lower the jumper.
Do you want help? Get on the front at the lift host's right side and we will lift the bike for you.


Lift off the bike
- keep the bicycle off the ramp.
Get off at the red marking
- go quickly to the side.