Winter Summer
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For those of you who are new to downhill, we have listed a couple of things that are good to keep in mind when you visit us.

  1. All cycling is at your own risk. Choose bike paths based on your own level of knowledge, but we suggest always starting with one of the easiest to warm up the body.
  2. Help others who have had an accident or contact our staff at the lift or shop.
  3. When you are out in the joints, keep in mind that those who come from above / from behind always have a duty to give way. Pay special attention where joints join or cross each other.
  4. When cycling downhill, a helmet is mandatory, but it can be good to protect more parts of the body. Recommended protective equipment in addition to a helmet is back plate, knee pads and elbow pads. All equipment is included when you rent a bike from us.
  5. The lift passes are personal.
  6. When you rent a bicycle from us, you are the one who rents it. Our safety package covers all costs if you happen to break something on the bike, therefore we recommend that you add it when booking a bike.
  7. Läs SLAOs lilla gröna innan ditt besök, den innehåller nyttig information om lift- och cykelledsregler.


For those of you who ride an e-bike, you are always welcome to ride in our facility. If you want to use one of our lifts, you must be able to put the bike on your own, because its heavy weight makes it easier for the rider to put the bike on the lift himself than if the lift host has to walk next to help. If you think that the trailer lift is easier to use, you can of course also use this one.

If you do not want to ride a lift and choose to cycle up the ridge for your own power or with electric assistance, you do not need a lift pass, but you must buy a route card, it is completely digital and you do it easily and smoothly on the link below.

Buy a led card

Dogs in the facility

Dogs are of course welcome at the facility but are not allowed to ride in the lift or run loose in the trails when the bike park is open. This is for the safety of both the dog and our cyclists.