Winter Summer
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Difficulty on the bike paths

Green = very easy
Blue = easy
RED = medium difficulty
Black = difficult

1. V-line-Green

The beginner course V-line offers large berms and rollers in a nice slope and good width. The first track of the day if you are a beginner, want to take a warm-up run or practice curve technique.

2. Spruffs-Blue

A machine-dug track that suits everything from first-time riders to elite skiers. Revel in rollers and hone your pumping technique. Challenge yourself by trying to double or even triple the rollers.

3. Tårtan-Blue

One of our most popular tracks, consists of a flowing single track that winds its way over a clearing and further into dense thicket.

4. Maggan-RED

A technical track in the beginning with two challenging cliff slopes. Maggan then becomes really cozy with two bridges and ends with a quick segment with jumps and drops.

5. Pipeline-RED

A Vallåsen favorite with good speed and flow, a mix between single track, built dikes, berms and small jumps.

6. Woodstock-RED

A real single track in a classic spirit, roots everywhere means that you have to work a lot on the bike to maintain speed. A really fun track when you get to the technology.


The first track that was built on Vallåsen once upon a time. Nowadays, the loop is completely redesigned and combines steep loose parts with a slightly flatter flowing single track.

8. Oua-Oua-RED

Big berms, jumps and drops in a nice mix. Perfect for you who like high speeds and having air under the wheels.

9. DH track-Black

The classic black competition track that only gets better every year. Steep, rocky and really difficult.

10. Lilla Kycklingen-Black

Added in the summer of 2013 when we wanted a good competition track, the chicken has since been a big favorite with the slightly better visitors. A very eventful track that begins and ends with a tricky slope.

11. The ascent

For those of you who want to step to the top, we have a marked trail outside the park, a nice mix of path and gravel road.

12. Pumptrack

A pump track is a circular loop on flat ground filled with waves and dosed curves where you pump yourself forward without pedaling. No matter how fun and really hard, you get the technology for free.

13. Teknikbanan

Practice your balance and bike control at low speeds. The technology course is a narrow wooden footbridge with various challenges such as a seesaw, turns and more.

14. North Shore-RED

In the lower part of Woodstock you will find our North shore area. Here you cycle on a raised wooden footbridge that places great demands on balance, bicycle control and self-confidence.

15. Tech Merchant-Black

En helt och hållet handgrävd led som slingrar sig fram genom granskogen parallellt med DH-spåret. Med tajta berms och gaps är denna led unik i sitt slag bland lederna på Vallåsen.

16. Ingmarie-RED

A detour to Maggan with a rocky single track at the top, a flowing section in the middle and some spruce forest soil at the end before it merges with Maggan again.


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