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Beautiful days in an alpine environment

Group and Kickoff

Company kickoff or gathering with the sports association?

Booking request

 Do this to book a group trip

  • Responsible leader contacts us via tel: 054-13 26 00, email: alternatively sends a booking request
  • When we have booked you into our new flexible system, a confirmation with login information will be emailed to the travel manager.
  • Each participant then logs in to the group booking via the link below to book and pay for their trip. Here is everything to book; such as ski passes, bus, ski equipment and lunch.

Our sales people will help you with your tailor-made conference, kick off or business trip call 054-13 26 00.

Booking rules group booking

Booking and payment

To receive a group discount, you must be at least 20 people, book no later than 3 weeks before arrival and visit us during a period other than a sports holiday. The booking closes 4 days before arrival. All changes made thereafter are made at the regular price on site. In the event of a bus booking, this is subject to availability.

Bus booking rules

When booking a bus and if any changes in number are made that can affect the number of buses and the price, the school will be invoiced for the difference.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation must be made no later than four days before arrival. If canceled later than four days before arrival, the school will be charged the full cost.