Winter Summer
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Winter Summer
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5 Elsinore Closed:
6 Helsingborg Closed:
Funpark Ungdom Closed:
2 Ängelholm Upper part Upper part Closed:
3 Copenhagen Closed:
4 Landskrona Closed:
7 Laholm Closed:
1 Malmö Closed:
Funpark Closed:
Funpark Barn Closed:
Malmö *   Anchor lift Closed:
Copenhagen   Chairlift Closed:
Helsingør *   Button lift Closed:
Helsingborg   Button lift Closed:
Laholm   Button lift Closed:
Roskilde *   Button lift Closed:

* Capacity lifts can be reported as open on the website, but still be closed unless there is a need for capacity. We reserve the right to make changes at short notice.