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Here we make snow in plus degrees

Since 2017, Vallåsen is one of only two facilities in Sweden that can produce snow in plus degrees. Thanks to the snow factories, we can offer the same fantastic skiing from the first to the last day of the season.

Technology is constantly advancing and here in Vallåsen we always follow and adapt to developments. Our two snow factories that can produce in up to twelve plus degrees are a clear example of this. In total, we can produce as much as 400 cubic meters every day, which corresponds to about 40 trucks. In this way, we can ensure an early opening and maintain an even snow level throughout the season. Because that is what is most important - a snow-sure winter where our visitors get as good an experience as possible.

That's how it works

Each snow factory can be seen as an advanced freezer. Water is fetched from a borehole up on the ridge and then the water freezes to ice in the factories, which consist of two containers stacked on top of each other. The ice then falls into a pipe and is converted into snow and then blown out with the help of high-pressure air. The process uses only energy from renewable sources and has the least possible climate impact. The snow produced is then stored in piles under geotex cloths that protect against both wind and water.

The fact that we can save and produce snow in plus degrees makes Vallåsen unique. Regardless of the weather, there will always be snow here. Once we have opened, you can ski all season, even when it is plus degrees on the slopes.

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