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common questions and answers

Due to covid-19, this year's season works a little differently and there are some things you need to keep in mind when you book a visit with us. Below we have listed the most common questions we get.

Do you have a maximum number of guests who can visit you?

Yes, this year we have a maximum ceiling on the number of guests admitted to the area every day, but the number can vary depending on how many slopes and lifts are open. In order for us to be able to keep track of the maximum number, all guests, except you who have a season pass, must pre-book lift passes and ski equipment here before the visit. If you are going to book ski equipment, remember to pre-book it at the same time as the lift pass to avoid that all ski equipment has time to be fully booked.

Do you have to pre-book a lift pass or can it be bought on site?

During season 20/21, the lift pass acts as your entrance ticket. Therefore, all guests, except you who have a season pass, must pre-book lift passes here on the web. It is therefore not possible to buy lift passes on site. Read more and book your lift pass here.

Do you have to pre-book ski rental or is it possible to rent on site?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to rent equipment on site. As with the lift passes, you are required to pre-book equipment before your visit, remember to pre-book the equipment at the same time as your lift pass. Read more and book here.

What opening hours do you have?

We have collected all opening hours from week 5-10 here.

Which slopes are open?

Click here to see which slopes are open and the forecast for those who have not opened yet.

Is the toboggan run open?

No, the toboggan run is closed this year due to covid-19 and for us to be able to keep track of the number of guests in the area.

Do you have a reserve list for days that are fully booked?

No, unfortunately there is no reserve list so be on time with your booking. Book a lift pass here.

I want to change from evening card to day card, how do I do it?

If you want to change from evening card to day card, you need to cancel and then make a new booking. To cancel, email us at

I have a season ticket, how do I book a day?

You do not need to book, all seasonal guests are welcome with us whenever they want during the season.

What do you do with your equipment overnight if you are going to go several days in a row?

If you are going for several days in a row, you must take the equipment home overnight. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to store your equipment overnight.

I can not find a private lesson on the date I want to visit you, how do I do?

First double check that you have chosen the right type of lesson, private alpine or snowboard lesson. If a private lesson is missing the date you want to visit us, call us on 054-132600 and we will do our best to solve it.

I do not see the date I booked for my equipment and lift pass, how do I double check it?

When booking through, you will receive an invoice by email. On page two, you will see your arrival date in front of the lift pass number. If you have booked a lift pass together with equipment, you will find the arrival date on the email confirmation. Do not forget to check the spam.

If I want to cancel a ski pass, equipment and ski school, what do I do then?

All cancellations must be made via e-mail with the attached order or booking number Cancellation is made no later than 18.00 the day before arrival. See complete information and our booking conditions HERE.

Is it possible to grill?

Yes, this year we have both grills with wood and an electric grill. We drive out firewood and you light the grills yourself, if you have problems with a grill, there are staff on site who can help you.

If I want to change something in my booking, how do I proceed?

You email to to cancel an existing booking and then make a booking again.

If I have booked a pick-up time, can I change it?

To change, email to cancel an existing booking and then make a booking again.

Can I arrive at a different time than my booked pick-up time?

No, you can not do that, we ask you to respect the times you choose and arrive on time.